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Exterior Wall Cladding: Enhance, Inspire, Enchant!

It’s time to say goodbye to plain walls and hello to a stunning, functional space with our high-quality cladding solutions. Metal Down Roofing is the trusted name for top notch exterior wall cladding services in Auckland. With top quality materials and expert craftsmanship, we’re committed to providing you with the best possible results. 

We offer a wide range of design flexibility in terms of colour and style. You can apply cladding to cover up your old, ageing walls or pair it with your new  long run roofing to achieve a more harmonised look. Plus, it can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, which allows for even greater design options. You can choose from a variety of finishes and textures and have a truly unique look for your property.

Wall Cladding

What Are the Benefits?

Steel wall cladding is a versatile and durable option for exterior and interior walls of residential and commercial buildings. It can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your property, giving it a new life. There are many reasons to choose it for your next project considering its benefits.

 Longevity and Durability

One of the most valuable benefits is its longevity and durability. Steel is a robust material that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, making it ideal for use on building exteriors. It’s resistant to rust, corrosion, and fire, making it a safe and secure option for any property. You can also clean it easily, which helps to keep your roof looking new for years.

Environmentally Friendly

Steel is a highly recyclable material that can be reused in other products without losing its quality. Choosing steel wall cladding also reduces the need for frequent roof repair and replacements, which results in less waste and energy consumption.

Effective Insulation for Your Property

It’s an excellent form of insulation that can help regulate the temperature inside your property. With a protective layer between your walls and the exterior environment, heat absorption during the summer months can be prevented. 

Additionally, during winter, the heat is retained more efficiently within your property. Our wall cladding services provide effective insulation that can result in lower energy bills and a more comfortable living environment.

Energy Efficiency

If you want to improve the energy efficiency of your building, steel cladding can be your best bet. It provides a high level of insulation, reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. By reducing your energy consumption, you can save money on heating and cooling costs, while also reducing your carbon footprint.

Low Maintenance

Steel is a highly durable material that requires minimal upkeep to maintain its appearance and structural integrity. This means that once you install steel cladding, you can enjoy years of low-cost maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Metal Down Roofing has established a reputation for delivering exceptional services. Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge in all aspects of new roof installation and repair, ensuring that your roof is in capable hands.

Premium Quality Materials

We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials. Our steel cladding is lightweight, durable, and designed to withstand various weather conditions, providing long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal to your property.

Customised Solutions

At Metal Down Roofing, we understand that every project is unique. That’s why we offer customised solutions tailored to your specific requirements and design preferences. Our team works closely with you, providing personalised guidance and recommendations to achieve the desired outcome.

Attention to Detail

We believe that the success of a project lies in the details. Our dedicated professionals pay meticulous attention to every aspect of the installation process, ensuring precise measurements, seamless finishes, and flawless execution. We leave no stone unturned to deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Enhanced Durability and Protection

Amid Auckland’s heavy rainfall tendencies, we are here to safeguard your property. Our services provide protection for your property against external factors such as rain, wind, and snow. Wall cladding shields the underlying walls from water damage and moisture accumulation, preventing the growth of mould and mildew. This makes it a valuable investment for properties located in areas with extreme weather conditions.

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If you’re looking for high-quality wall cladding services, long run roofing, re-roofing or anything in between, our team is here to help! With our expertise and experience, we will provide guidance on the best options for your property and will work to ensure that you get top-notch services at an affordable cost. You can call us at 09 411 5199 for 24/7 customer support. 

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I found Tai at Metal Down to be professional and I appreciated his prompt communication from the initial quote for the job, all the way to the finished work. I am very happy with my new roof and the work the team have done and would recommend them to orders

Tai and the team at Metal Down were great. I needed a Re Roof to stop any leaks before winter set in and they sorted it out quickly. They did a fantastic job at a reasonable price, I Highly recommend them

The team at Metal Down Roofing have consistently proven to produce high quality and great value work for us. The guys are friendly, hard working and easy to deal with. We will continue to work with them as the preferred roofing contractors for our future modern and bespoke new home and renovation projects

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