Fast And Reliable Roof Repair In Auckland

Fast And Reliable Roof Repair In Auckland

What happens when you leave a leaky ceiling? Patches of mould will start growing around it. Or in worst cases, an untreated roof leak can lead to a sudden roof collapse. Invest in roof repair ASAP! Don’t risk your properties and the lives of your loved ones. 

Metal Down Roofing is the professional roofer in Auckland people call whenever they face any issue with their roofs. Because our reputation of not scaring people with a list of unnecessary expenses and poor work precedes us. Our team of roofing experts is available 24/7 and we do most of the roof repair jobs in one day. However, complex repair jobs can take longer, but not more than you expected as we strive to minimise the inconvenience.

If you think it’s been a while since your last roof maintenance or are noticing discolouration, water damage in the attic, or blistered paint on the ceiling, call us at 09 411 5199. Our roofing crew will be there in the shortest possible time.

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Roof Leak Repair Service Auckland

Do you know that dampness or leaks in a roof are usually caused by a slipped tile or hole in a roof? Usually, these issues occur due to Auckland’s unpredictable coastal climate. Local roofs endure constant battering from the region’s heavy rains and strong winds, and ultimately require roof repair or a complete roof replacement Auckland.

An unfixed hole in the roof can cause serious water damage while unseen leaks may require you to invest thousands of dollars in ongoing maintenance. Though you can fix the hole with a temporary basic roof patch, you can’t rely on it for long-term protection. You need a professional roofer – like us – to fix leaky roof problems. 

We provide efficient metal roof leak repair service to seal the leaks. Whether you need roof repair for your flat roof,  long run iron roof, or Euro style roof, we’re equipped to solve all your metal roof repair and maintenance needs. It’s high time you protect your residential and commercial property and don’t let unseen leaks drain your budget and compromise your investment. Together we can say goodbye to roof leaks and hello to dry!

How We Do Roof Repairs For Your Damaged Roof

Roof repairs can be annoying but we have ideas to fix the problems and make your roof look great again. We use a primer and adhesive patch to seal minor leaks and damages. Otherwise, we use special metal roofing adhesive to repair small holes or cracks. However, for big repairs, we replace an entire section of the metal roofing with new ones and reseal the seams.

We cover all the areas of your roof restoration and repair. With over 20 years of roofing experience, we work throughout Greater Auckland to provide roof repairs and restoration or exclusive roofing North Shore services.

We provide rapid 24-hours roof repair service in Auckland. So don’t wait and contact us today for emergency roof repairs.

Call Roofing Specialists Near Your Region

We are your local roofing specialists who are always there 24/7 to communicate. Our experienced team can help you deal with emergency roof restoration, roofing maintenance, and roofing repair needs and keep you updated until our crew arrives at your destination. We make the process easy and hassle free for you so you don’t have to wait for hours to get your roof repaired. 

If you have any questions regarding our roof repair services, please call us on 09 411 5199 or email us at [email protected]. Alternatively, simply fill out the contact form on our website to reach out to our team.


How do I know if my roof requires repair or replacement?

If there are some minor issues with your roof like small leakage and holes, repairing is a cheaper option. Your roofer can tell you exactly if you need a complete roof replacement or if just a repair would work. In some cases, you’ll feel that repairing your roof is cheaper but going for a replacement will save you money in the long run. And If repairing is not materially cheaper than a roof replacement, go for a new roof  installation.

Can you add a new roof over an old roof?

Yes, we can. The process of adding a new roof over an old roof is called reroofing or an overlay. We’ll add a layer of new shingles without tearing off the old roof.

How much does it cost to repair a roof leak in NZ?

The cost is not fixed. It depends on the complexity of the damage and the roof material. Smaller repairs are less expensive than big repairs. You must discuss your requirements with us to know the exact amount. 

Can you repair only a section of my roof?

Yes definitely. If there’s a problem in a specific area of a roof and the damage can be repaired without needing a full replacement, we do it. We always try to keep your expenses minimum while providing valuable services. We might repair the damage on the same day we diagnose it. 

How long does a metal roof repair last?

If your metal roof is new, sit back and relax for about 15 to 30 years for a roof repair, unless there are some extreme weather elements that cause minor damages. However, a metal roof can withstand even a category 3 Hurricane if it was installed by professional roofers who followed the NZ building insulation code

If your roof is 20 years old, there are ample chances of roof repair or a complete roof replacement. Alternatively, if you want to prolong the life of your metal roof, consider cleaning it at least twice a year to seal any flashings and pipes on the roof. You can call your local roofing expert to inspect your roof or schedule regular maintenance.

I found Tai at Metal Down to be professional and I appreciated his prompt communication from the initial quote for the job, all the way to the finished work. I am very happy with my new roof and the work the team have done and would recommend them to orders

Tai and the team at Metal Down were great. I needed a Re Roof to stop any leaks before winter set in and they sorted it out quickly. They did a fantastic job at a reasonable price, I Highly recommend them

The team at Metal Down Roofing have consistently proven to produce high quality and great value work for us. The guys are friendly, hard working and easy to deal with. We will continue to work with them as the preferred roofing contractors for our future modern and bespoke new home and renovation projects

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